So you’ve decided you want to explore the possibility of mobile app development for your business, but you’re not sure which features you need? Let’s take a look at what a company’s mobile app should definitely include.

Easy Onboarding

If signing up for your app is complicated, potential users are more likely to delete it than they are to jump through extra hoops. One option is to include a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to navigate your app, or helpful tips that pop up. Although, make sure it’s possible to dismiss this feature if users decide they don’t need it.

In-App Messaging

Make it easy to communicate with potential customers by choosing in-app messaging. This tool streamlines the process of communicating with users, especially those that have chosen to silence push notifications. You can use in-app messaging to notify potential customers of any special offers, or to improve their overall experience in other ways.

Operating System Flexibility

Keep in mind that there are different types of operating systems when you’re considering mobile app development for your company. The main operating systems that people think of today are Android and iOS. Be sure your app is compatible with both.

Make it Searchable

Particularly if you plan to sell products on your app, it’s a good idea to give users the ability to search for what they need. This is a feature that’s easy to overlook, but users will appreciate its convenience.

Security Features

Every mobile app development project needs built-in security features. Cybercrime is becoming increasingly more common as technology integrates with our daily lives. In particular, if users are making purchases through your app, be sure to pay special attention to the security features your mobile app developer suggests. A data breach would be devastating for any brand to recover from. Customers need to know they can rely on your company to protect their personal information.

Feedback Button

Including a feedback button in your mobile app development is another way to engage with your users. Feel free to ask what would make their experience better and how you can improve.

Let’s say a customer has a less than ideal experience with your brand. A feedback button allows them to contact you about it, rather than posting a negative review online. It also gives you an opportunity to make things right.

Push Notifications

What are push notifications? You’d recognize them if you saw them. They’re brief pop-up messages that can be personalized and used to connect with users in real time through your app. For example, the message can call each user by their name. The trick is to make sure these notifications are valuable in some way, such as highlighting a new sale or a special offer like a contest.

Professional Mobile App Development

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