A lack of website visitors can be a big issue for businesses that rely on online marketing and ecommerce. Your website is your business’s online calling card, and can be a source of reference, information and lead generation. In some cases, the livelihood of your business may rely on your website receiving adequate traffic, particularly if you’re running an ecommerce store. Finding the cause of your lack of website traffic can allow you to remedy your online approach and boost your business profits.

You Haven’t Thought About SEO

While many small business owners believe that search engine optimization is unnecessary for small, local businesses, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Local businesses have a unique advantage when it comes to search engine optimization, as the right kind of SEO can really boost a business’s popularity in a local area. Targeted SEO helps your business appear high in search results when your customers are looking for you. With a listing on the first or second page of search results, your local customers have a greater chance of finding you, and you get more traffic to your site.

You’ve Over-Optimized Your Site

While search engine optimization is key to boosting your website traffic, you can have too much of a good thing. Over optimizing your website means stuffing it with keywords or filling it with content that makes no sense, but is simply a vehicle for links and keywords. This kind of content will not only cause visitors to click away from your site, it can also be punished by search engines. This means that your site gets ranked lower in search engines, and your customer are less likely to see it. Consequently, you won’t be getting as many website visitors as you should. Cleaning up your website with awesome content that keeps your visitors reading page after page, along with appropriately placed keywords makes your website more favorable to visitors and search engines.

Your Website Has Zero Appeal

Some websites just look dodgy. The design may be amateur, clunky or non-functional, or the systems just don’t operate or perform the way they should. It doesn’t take long for a visitor to your website to decide whether they can trust you or not, and whether they will stay on your page or bounce out. Outstanding design from a professional web developer is an investment that provides ongoing returns to your business. Not only does a professionally designed website look amazing, it also performs with streamlined functionality. Personal information and transaction are secure, so customers can trust you, and the design is flawless and functional, making the user experience outstanding. Having a professionally designed website that does everything you want it to means it’s one less thing you have to worry about as a business owner.

Your Website Has Technical Issues

If your website is full of dead links, non-functioning menu bars, and difficult to navigate pages, you are going to lose visitors fairly quickly. If you are processing payments or collecting personal information on your website, it’s even more important that your website has outstanding functionality. It doesn’t take much for customers to lose trust in your business and go elsewhere. A highly functioning website with a professional design keeps visitors on your page, and keeps them coming back for more.


If your website traffic has experienced a hit, or you’d like to build it from the bottom up, carefully designing your website content and structure is key. Consult with a web design and online marketing professional for more detailed advice on how to boost the visitors to your website.