Digital marketing is an industry that is going from strength to strength, and in today’s competitive marketplace, no business can afford to forget about their online presence. With 2017 here, it’s time to look at the digital marketing trends that are kicking off the new year. With technology becoming a greater part of our lives, pinpointing digital trends and mastering the market is more critical than ever.

Content Marketing is Still King

Content marketing is still one of the most popular and most successful ways to market your business. Skillfully written and search engine optimized website content, blogs, press releases and emails can help your business gain more customers in the new year. 2017 will be bringing some differences though. With customers and readers now more acclimated to content marketing, content in 2017 needs to be denser, more specific and provide more value than ever before. Outsourcing content creation to a digital marketing professional helps optimize your website and content for search engines while also keeping your customers engaged.

High Value Content

Technology has done wonders for our quality of life and marketing capabilities, but unfortunately the tradeoff has been our attention span. People no longer want to sit and read long articles, sometimes we don’t even get further than the headline. That’s why it’s crucial that your content is high value, well-structured and information dense. Providing well researched and genuinely useful information in a succinct former gives your readers the best chance of staying engaged with what you have to say.

Specializing and Niche Targeting

With the market flooded with information and competing businesses, it can be helpful to hone in on your target market and focus on a niche for your marketing. Targeting one area and becoming a specialist sets you apart from the rest and captures your customers’ attention. Pinpointing your services to a niche specializes and personalizes your content and digital marketing approaches, making the need for careful research and a dedicated digital marketing consultant even more necessary.

Analyzing and Visualizing Data

Gathering and analyzing data about your website, your customers, and their online habits is so important for digital marketing success. And yet so many business fail to take a close look at data. In 2017, we will have greater access to sophisticated data visualizations that allow us to better process and use the raw data we collect. Taking advantage of this capability with an IT specialist or digital marketer can allow your business to reach new heights in 2017.

Augmented Reality

With Pokémon Go! proving that the right augmented reality experience can be an instant hit, more companies will be looking to incorporate this into their mobile app design and marketing approaches. As augmented reality has proven itself as not only highly appealing to users but also highly profitable, more businesses will be developing augmented reality advertising, augmented reality games, and other augmented reality offerings to complement the services or products provided by a business.

While we’re set to see digital marketing get even bigger and better in 2017, coordinating a targeted and high value approach for your business is even more important. Talk to a digital marketing specialist or IT consultant about coordinating your best ever digital marketing campaigns in 2017.