If you have a business, you should have a Facebook page for it.

But knowing to HAVE a page is different than knowing what to DO with it. Here we’re going to give you some guidance on how get the most out of Facebook events for your business.


Why Events?

You may wonder why I’m steering you toward incorporating facebook events into your routine. It’s because they’re effective. People engage more with them than they do regular posts, and there are more ways to do so.


When You Create Facebook Events:

  • They show up on your page’s calendar
  • Other pages and people can add your event to their own calendars
  • You can invite a person or page to co-host the event, giving it more audience.
  • Notifications go out to people who like your page if Facebook believes they’d be interested
  • You can post the event to your wall, with or without additional commentary in the post
  • People can mark themselves as “interested” or “going”
  • Users can invite their friends to attend
  • You can invite your friends to attend (although you cannot invite the people who’ve liked the page)
  • If you leave settings on the default, people can comment on the event wall
  • It becomes as “Suggested Event” for people who have attended events nearby who might be interested
  • You can “boost” the event, which is making a Facebook ad for it. Set your audience, budget, and time frame.


Give the event an image, a compelling description, tags, information about parking and getting tickets, and more. The combination of all the helpful resources you can pull together and all the ways your audience can interact with the event makes it a more compelling item than a regular post.


One of the keys is to make it interesting. Use great images, a clever title, compelling writing. Answer comments and be engaged. If you do that, you’ll find that hosting events on Facebook is not only fun but more interactive than regular posting. If you need help getting started with your Facebook promotions, contact D-Kode Tech today.