Today, a large part of our everyday lives is spent on the internet. And the role of a graphic designer is more relevant than ever. Visual messages and concepts influence us more than we may realize. So, if you haven’t started taking advantage of the power of graphic design, now might be a good time to jump on the visual bandwagon. You don’t need to hire a designer as there are many online graphic design tools that you can help you get started.

Following are some of the best graphic design tools:



GIFS are one of the most attractive and enjoyable aspects of browsing the internet and using social media. They’re extremely contagious and can say so much with so little! This is what makes GIFs such a powerful visual element to boost engagement. Giphy is a one-stop-shop for all your GIF creation needs. Not only does it allow you to browse through its huge library of content, you can also use Giphy to create your very own GIFs and boost engagement by making viral content.



Gravit is an amazing online graphic design tool that is a favorite in the open source graphic design community. You can use this tool to design virtually anything, from Facebook cover photos to mobile apps, and even professional presentations. This powerful platform is teeming with professional designers. However, that doesn’t mean that only experienced designers can use it. The regular version of Gravit is fairly easy to learn and work with. If you want it even easier, there is an even simpler version available. It’s called Gravit Klex, offering the same functionality with more basic capabilities.



Canva is a leader in the field of online photo editing. This powerful tool has both basic and advanced features to enhance or create beautiful graphics. You can design all kinds of visuals via this tool. Canva is available for laptops and desktops, but it also has apps for Android devices, iPhones and iPads that you can use to design social visuals on the go. All in all, Canva is an outstanding online graphic design tool for tech-savvy small business owners.



If knowledge visualization is your thing, then you will definitely love the infographic building tool Befunky. It offers a wide range of templates to work with and a lot of customization options, including high quality stock images that you can use for free. With powerful features and easy-to-use editing, you can create high quality, professional infographics that are sharp, useful, and persuasive.



Flipagram is the ultimate story creating tool. Via this app, you can easily create moving, inspiring, or entertaining stories. The app connects to your social media albums or your mobile photo library, combining your videos and photos into one attractive slideshow that you can use to tell your story just the way you like it. Furthermore, you can also upload your own sounds or add music from its large audio gallery to make the slideshow even more interesting.