Welcome to the D-Kode Technology Blog, your go-to source for insightful information and trends in web design, digital marketing, and everything in between! We’re thrilled to have you here, and we can’t wait to share our expertise and passion for all things digital with you. Today, we have some exciting news to share – we’re introducing new team roles! We’re strengthening our incredible team from within by promoting four dedicated members to new roles that will help us better serve our valued clients in the Bay Area and beyond. Read on to get acquainted with these exceptional individuals and discover the fresh perspectives they’ll bring to their new positions.

Jackie Strack: Chief Operating Officer

Meet Jackie, D-Kode Technology’s newly appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO), who has steadily climbed the ranks within the company over the past three years. From her beginnings as a freelance content writer to her latest promotion, Jackie has consistently demonstrated her passion for growth, development, and collaboration. As COO, she plays a crucial role in overseeing day-to-day operations, implementing processes to enhance efficiency, and managing various departments, including social media, content, and SEO. Jackie also works closely with clients and agency partners to ensure seamless project execution and deliver exceptional results.

What excites Jackie most about her new role is the opportunity to strengthen connections between D-Kode’s talented team members and clients, fostering innovation and streamlining operations. Her unwavering dedication to employee satisfaction, client success, and company growth will undoubtedly lead to new milestones for D-Kode Technology. Jackie’s love for the company stems from the abundant opportunities for growth and the exceptional people she works alongside daily. As COO, Jackie is poised to make a lasting impact on employees, clients, and the company as a whole, pushing D-Kode Technology to new heights and expanding its horizons.

Corinne Guynup: Website Coordinator Lead

Meet Corinne, D-Kode Technology’s recently promoted Website Coordinator Lead. Having worked with the company for a little over a year, Corinne thrives on the ever-changing nature of her work, as she collaborates with diverse industries and clients. In her new role, she will manage the development and maintenance of the company’s websites, collaborating with marketing, content, and design teams to ensure the sites are up-to-date, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

Corinne’s responsibilities include developing website strategies, coordinating with content and design teams, optimizing websites for search engines, and staying informed on industry trends and best practices. What excites her most about her new position is the opportunity to take clients’ preferences and work with the team to create engaging websites that reflect the clients’ vision.

In her time at D-Kode, Corinne has grown to appreciate the variety and constant learning opportunities that come with each new project. As she gains more experience in her new role, she aims to make a lasting impact on the company by offering her unique insights during the initial mockups and throughout the website development process.

Francesca Blake: Content Team Lead

Meet Francesca, D-Kode Technology’s talented and newly appointed Content Team Lead. After dedicating almost two years to the company as a content writer, she now embraces the challenge of leading the content team to create compelling and informative pieces for clients across various industries. In her role, Francesca revels in the immense creativity involved and the continuous learning that comes with researching diverse topics for blog articles and websites.

She takes great care in retaining each client’s unique voice and refining content to accurately reflect their brand image and messaging. As an expert in her field, Francesca ensures that all blog articles are optimized for SEO, increasing their visibility and driving organic traffic to clients’ websites. By keeping up with the latest content writing trends and industry best practices, she consistently enhances the quality and relevance of the content produced. 

Through her unwavering commitment to excellence, Francesca seeks to foster a collaborative and innovative environment within the content team, encouraging each member to develop their own unique writing style and voice. By focusing on continuous improvement and growth, Francesca aims to make a lasting impact on D-Kode Technology’s content creation process and contribute to the success of their clients’ digital marketing strategies.

Jennifer Warren: Creative Lead

Meet Jenn, D-Kode Technology’s talented Creative Lead, who plays a crucial role in building the company’s brand and revenue while providing marketing support for entrepreneurs and small businesses. As a brand strategist, marketing consultant, and INSIDER program director, Jenn expertly designs and implements a consistent brand style across various platforms, including web, email, social media, and print materials. She collaborates closely with the design team, offering valuable feedback on client projects.

Jenn also manages D-Kode’s official Facebook and Instagram page and markets D-Kode’s special events via paid ads and event promotion. Her keen eye for analyzing online marketing trends and monthly results enables her to determine the best practices for driving company growth. As part of the innovative INSIDER program, Jenn leads a monthly mastermind group, assists the CEO with crafting effective marketing plans, and hosts webinars and workshops for both INSIDER members and the public.

With a strong commitment to networking and building partnerships, Jenn actively engages with local business communities, including the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce, Pleasanton Young Professionals, Danville Area Chamber of Commerce, and BNI. Her dedication to forging connections and bringing new business to the company showcases her invaluable contributions to D-Kode Technology’s success.

We’re incredibly proud of Jackie, Corinne, Francesca, and Jenn as they step into their new roles at D-Kode Technology. With their diverse skill sets, we are confident they will help us elevate our services, better serve our clients, and continue pushing the boundaries of digital innovation. As we celebrate these promotions, we’re more excited than ever to share our knowledge and expertise with you through our blog. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest insights on web design, digital marketing, and more. 

If you’re ready to take your business’s digital presence to the next level, get in touch with our talented team today, and let’s work together to create something exceptional. Welcome to the D-Kode family!