How do you ensure your website stands out? In today’s digital world, we’re bombarded with online content. But moving beyond a basic website can help you engage more customers. Here’s why you should consider introducing dynamic website functionality to your web pages.

What is a Dynamic Website?

A dynamic website is a site that displays different content each time it’s viewed. For example, a dynamic web page may change depending on the time of day it’s viewed, the season, or the visitor’s native language.

Let’s review some effective ways to introduce dynamic functionality to your website…

1. Recommended Items

Based on a user’s past browsing history, you can showcase items they may be interested in. This is a good attention grabber for a potential customer, and it may stop them from taking their business elsewhere.

2. Build a Personal Connection

If every time a user visits your website they’re met with an appropriate greeting, they’re more likely to feel a personal connection with your brand. You can even take this one step further and recommend time-specific products or content.

For example, you could spotlight different blog posts at different hours of the day: “6 tips to a productive morning,” from 6 am – 10 am, or, “The Best Products to Help you Sleep,” starting at 9 pm. Naturally, you can customize content to fit your products or services.

3. Think Seasonally

Around important holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving, many people shop for gifts, rather than for themselves. Dynamic website functionality will reflect this, not only with a seasonal aesthetic, but also by recommending products or services that are suitable as gifts.

4. Prioritize Interactivity

Also, the more interactive a website is, the more engaging potential customers find it. Instead of merely offering information, dynamic web pages encourage customer interaction. So, customers feel more immersed in your site, and your brand.

Dynamic Website Functionality for Your Business

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