In contrast to traditional advertising, content marketing provides free entertainment or educational material that customers actually want. In exchange, business owners are then able to offer additional products or services to their audience. This article is an overview of how content marketing works, and why it can be more effective than other forms of advertising.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertisements don’t typically add value. In fact, we tend to think of them as annoying. They’re designed to interrupt potential customers while they’re busy doing something else. For example, listening to the radio, or waiting for a TV break to end.

One of the main problems with traditional advertising is that customers have no reason to engage with it. It’s an attention grab. Brands know they only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression, like that jingle you still remember even though the commercial hasn’t been on the air since 1983.

So, while traditional ads can and do work, a lot has changed in marketing.

Examples of Traditional Advertising:

  • Broadcast media: TV and radio ads
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Magazine and newspaper promotions
  • Billboards

Content Marketing Overview

Content marketing is different because instead of creating ads that interrupt (annoy) potential customers, it provides free material that people value. What this really means is content marketing eliminates the need to fight for attention. Instead of hitting the mute button, customers want to spend time with the content you develop. This creates a sense of engagement and reciprocity.

Examples of Content Marketing:

  • Blogs
  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts

Professional Content Creation

Offering up compelling content can help accomplish many marketing goals, such as establishing brand trust and awareness, as well as increase web traffic. Plus, it creates shareable material for customers to pass along social media channels.

The catch, of course, is that not everyone values the same content. So, who’s your audience? For help with your marketing strategy, please contact us online or at (925) 855-3282.