Bay Area business owners are in uncharted waters in this time of global crisis, as residents have been asked to shelter at home to stop the spread of coronavirus. Almost overnight, revenues have dropped dramatically, forcing unforeseeable change to the ways we work and conduct business. With the continuing threat of infection, here are some strategies for brick-and-mortar business continuity during the coronavirus outbreak.

Be a Resource and Keeping Your Audience Engaged

While many operations are slowing down right now, or halting completely, it’s more important than ever for businesses to remain a resource for their customers and keep them engaged. This doesn’t necessarily mean, outright selling, but rather providing them with the information they need for either their current situation or mainframe. Some businesses are simply providing happy thoughts, others are giving important news updates, and still others offer resources to health and safety companies. Show empathy, be relatable, and connect.

Tell Customers How They Can Support Your Business

We all have our favorite businesses, and we’re worrying about them now. Offer customers ways to stay connected during the coronavirus lockdown. We’re in an evolving situation, so there’s a lot of uncertainty. Utilize social media channels and email newsletters. Let your audience know what steps you’re taking moving forward, and how they can be involved.

Be a Leader in the Community

In this time, many people are in need. Be a leader for those around you. As a local business owner, you have skills that can help your community. Maybe you have items that you can donate, or skill sets that could be of service to local healthcare workers. Reach out to your community organizations to see how you can help. Make sure to promote what you’re doing and position yourself as a true community leader.

Helping Each Other During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Social distancing is good for public health, but challenging for business owners. Remember, we’re all affected by this. Weddings are on hold. Travel is suspended. And revenue-generating events have been outlawed. But we can use this time to help each other find solutions and new platforms to connect, to plan and safeguard our health. The best way forward is together. Collaborate and find ways to support each other.

Stay Relevant 

Some companies stop everything, while others recognize the ability to distance themselves from their competition. If you pause marketing, you’ll fall behind, especially now. If you want to stay competitive, or rise above your competition, do not stop marketing. Keep expanding and find areas of opportunity, so when the business turns, you are leading your industry.