Any East Bay website designer will tell you that digital marketing has become an indisputable necessity if you want to make it in today’s business world. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to figure out on your own. These things take time and practice, like with learning any new set of skills. In fact, there are plenty of mistakes as well as common misconceptions floating around about digital marketing that can cause frustration for business owners.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common digital marketing mistakes you should avoid if you’re trying to build a successful online presence.

1) Cluttered Website Design

Aside from being visually unappealing, the problem with a cluttered website is that it makes it hard for potential customers to find the information they’re looking for. Visitors may need to scroll and click from page to page before they locate the information they want. Of course, this is tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating all in one. Potential customers may get annoyed and leave your website, instead of giving you a call.

It’s a good idea to talk to an East Bay website designer about giving your business site a more modern look. Clutter makes a website design seem outdated, which can hurt the image people have of your business, so make sure you have a clear layout that’s easy to navigate.

2) Not Optimizing Content

One of the most important steps to digital marketing is optimizing the content you create for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) will affect where your website shows up in search engine results. It’s the difference between you or your competitors ranking higher on Google.

A mistake business owners commonly make is not doing any keyword research for their SEO strategy. If you don’t look at the search volume, you’re really just guessing. But when you properly optimize your content, you’re developing a strategy that makes it easier for future customers to find your company online. Without this essential step, it’s like your website is just floating off in outer space. How will anyone find you?

3) Inconsistent Posting on Social Media

Another mistake business owners often make that hurts their marketing is posting inconsistently on social media platforms. If you don’t have enough time to post on a regular basis, then it may not be worth investing energy in social media marketing. Of course, one option is to batch posts and schedule them out on a site like Buffer or Loomly. This allows you to make all of your posts for the month at one time and schedule them for automatic posting across multiple platforms.

The point of social media is to grow a following and increase awareness of your brand. You ultimately need to be posting consistently to accomplish this goal, otherwise your accounts will mostly go unnoticed. An East Bay website designer can also help you link your social media accounts to your business site, so people can follow you. The bottom line is that you can’t just disappear for weeks or months and expect to make any real progress with your social media marketing.

Talk to an East Bay Website Designer

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