The Silicon Review has weighed in on the 50 best workplaces of 2020 and all of us at D-Kode Technology are honored to have been featured in their November issue. With over 35 years of IT experience, D-Kode Tech was founded by Daniel Kodam who continues to oversee its operation.

So What Makes D-Kode Tech Such a Special Company?

Our team works closely with clients to implement the best tech strategies for their business. We may be marketing experts, but we value their unique industry insight. In this way, we form a partnership to make the most dynamic decisions, driving growth and brand awareness. We take the stance that we’re never done learning, from our team as well as our clients, and we can always do more.

The Future of D-Kode Technology

What does the future hold? As D-Kode Tech continues to evolve, we’re excited to offer a white label digital marketing program to help companies expand their services, while focusing more exclusively on the client relationship. This allows other marketing professionals to add recurring services, without the expense of hiring their own in-house teams.

Read the Q & A

Read the full interview with D-Kode Tech’s founder, Daniel Kodam, featured online in the November issue of The Silicon Review. You can also contact us by calling 925.855.3282, or view a portfolio of past projects by clicking here. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about digital marketing or white label services. How can we help?