Having a professionally designed and optimized website is an essential for every business, whether a small, local business or a large multinational. A website is your company’s business card, information brochure and marketing plan all in one. Because a website provides so many benefits for businesses, getting your website right is absolutely crucial. However, all too often we see businesses make the same mistakes again and again when it comes to website design and development. Here we look at 4 of the most common website mistakes businesses make, and how you can counteract them.

Amateur Looking Design

Website design for small business websites can often look amateur, creating a poor professional image for that business. This can be due to the website design being picked from a do-it-yourself site or based off a template that isn’t uniquely tailored to a business’s needs. Amateur designs detract from branding and the first impression of your business that many online customers will receive.

Poor website design doesn’t just look bad, it can make your website hard to use and navigate as well. A bad website design detracts from your user experience, meaning that visitors leave your site sooner and fail to convert into customers. Enlisting a professional website designer to work on your business website helps to achieve the design appearance and functionality you really need. This in turn means a better user experience and better outcomes for both your website visitors and your business.

Your Site Has No Call To Action

Your website is not just a static billboard advertising your business’s goods or services. With the right design, content and optimization, your website can be your greatest salesperson. However, poorly written content, a site that’s not optimized and a lack of any call to action is going to fail to convert your website visitors into customers.

One of the most basic mistakes small business websites make is failing to include a call to action in content. While it’s true that clients don’t want to be sold to, they need to know what to do to further engage with your business or secure your products and services. A call to action or an expertly designed landing page can instantly start turning more of your website visitors into customers. It’s a simple and straightforward way to make your website work harder for you.

Not Having Adequate Site Security

An attractive, functional and engaging website is only half of the website development project. You also need to ensure your website is completely secure and safe. This is even more essential if you are handling sensitive client information such as contact details or credit card numbers.

Failing to adequately secure your site can leave it vulnerable to hackers and thieves. Over the long term, this can cause customers to lose trust in your company and brand. Work with a specialized IT consultant to develop the right security approach for your site.

Forgetting Contact Information

A website can be designed perfectly, but it won’t do any good unless your website visitors can contact you. Place your contact information in an easy to see, easy to access place, such as at the top, bottom or side of every page, or clearly marked on the navigation bar. Make it easy for visitors to contact you without collecting more personal information from them than you need. This way you can ensure your customers can reach you whenever and wherever they need you.

While making websites mistakes is all too common, fortunately they can also usually be easily fixed. Contact a local website designer or IT consultant to discuss your unique needs, and how to design and create the perfect website for your business.