There are different routes you can take when looking for a Bay Area website designer. Lots of people offer freelance design services, outsourcing what they either don’t know how to do, or don’t have time to finish. So, why choose a website designer who also works in the digital marketing industry? Let’s review why this is your best option for website design and web development.

1) Range of Services

While a Bay Area website designer may only offer a narrow range of services, a digital marketing agency will be able to help you with all of your online marketing goals. A digital marketing expert will also have a better understanding of your needs because they can see the big picture as well as how it ties into other aspects of generating customer interest. For example, a digital marketing agency can help with things like search engine optimization, developing a consistent content marketing strategy, social media marketing, and branding across a variety of platforms.

2) Web Development Team

A digital marketing company will likely have a web development team on standby as well. On the other hand, a web designer is an artist who is mostly concerned with the visual aspect of a site. They may or may not have the depth of technical skills your project requires, such as custom coding.

In order to have a fully-functioning website that integrates properly with other systems, you may need a development team. To simplify, you can think of website developers like builders. A web development team can construct a house, while a website designer is more qualified to hang paintings and choose a flattering decor, so to speak.

3) Social Media Marketing

A Bay Area website designer who works in marketing will also be able to offer you valuable insights on your digital marketing strategy, and how it can tie into your overall web design. These days, social media marketing is essential for business owners. There are many reasons why effective social media marketing makes a difference. To name a few, it can help increase website traffic, establish brand authority as well as brand awareness, and prove to be a cost-saving marketing tool.

4) Project Management

It’s likely that a digital marketing professional will also have more experience in project management. This is because they oversee a variety of different industries and types of projects, making them more highly adaptable. If you hire a Bay Area website designer who doesn’t work in online marketing, you may end up with a beautiful website that has functionality issues or doesn’t generate leads.

Things to Discuss

Similarly, a digital marketing agency can help you develop a blog along with content marketing ideas. Do you want a monthly email newsletter for your site? You may also decide to integrate social media marketing elements, or add an online store to boost sales. Of course, PPC advertising is another option.

Need a Bay Area Website Designer?

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