A stunning business website can go a long way in boosting the image and marketing for your company. Maintaining an outstanding website means staying up to date with the latest trends in web design and development. Here we examine some of the most recent trends from 2017 to help you achieve a more up to date and advanced business website.

Minimalistic Design and Typography Focus

In 2017, website design is all about a focus on content. Minimalistic design, large typography, and eye-catching design draws attention to what you have to say, communicating your message clearly. Gone are the days of lengthy blocks of text and numerous website pages. Instant information and easy design help to quickly engage readers and communicate what your business does, to help create leads and draw in new customers. With search engine optimization, clients can find your website quickly. With simple and clear design, clients can understand what you do and find your contact details more quickly and easily.

Conversation and Chat Bots

Have you noticed friendly chat bots popping up when you visit certain sites, offering to help you find what you’re looking for? These interactive website helpers instantly engage visitors and provide that conversational “we’re here to help you” connection.

These conversation starters can help to answer your visitor’s questions, direct them to the right page on your website, or provide them with your contact information to get answers to further questions. With simple integration, AI conversation and chat bots can offer live support without costly man hours and boost leads to your business.

Telling A Story

Storytelling on your website is all about communicating your message quickly and efficiently. In 2017, high-quality photographs, video, and even virtual reality are essentials for websites. High-quality media helps to instantly connect with your audience and add to the overall aesthetic of your website. In a world where a picture speaks a thousand words and brevity is essential to communicate your message, high-quality photos and videos are an important aspect that all websites should include in 2017.

Web App Integration

Progressive web app functionality is a trend it’s going to continue in 2017. These apps combine the best of the web and mobile to help you take it advantage of the vast array of innovations in technology from across the web. Without heavy website restructuring, web apps and plug-ins allow you to offer special features on your website such as e-commerce functionality. Understanding and integrating these web apps is a valuable way to get the most out of your business website.

Engaging User Forms

User forms are still one of the primary ways businesses collect information about their website visitors and customers. Creating intuitive and intelligent forms helps to make the data collection process more enjoyable for your client and more useful for you. This keeps visitors engaged and ensures you get essential user information with less hassle.


Don’t let your website hold you back from achieving the results your business needs. Talk to us today about revolutionary web design to transform your business website in 2017.