Business owners across the country are feeling the economic burden of COVID-19. While many will survive just fine in the short term, others will need a strong plan to see them through. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering disaster assistance in the form of low-interest loans, but beyond a financial parachute, here are some thoughts on continuing to stock up on leads, not toilet paper.

Marketing During a Crisis

Before we solve problems, we need to define them. When we’re overwhelmed everything can begin to blend together in a seemingly insurmountable tidal wave. So, take a moment to list your current business struggles. For example, customers aren’t buying, or vendors have closed, etc. Getting it on the page is the first step.

Stop and Look For Opportunities

Smart business owners show up during challenging times. Expect that there are opportunities, even now, and that people still need your services.

There are a lot more potential customers online right now, looking for resources and things to do. Their needs haven’t changed so much as the way business is being conducted. Also, it’s important to prepare for when this period of social distancing is over.

Decide the Glass is Half Full

Decide that the glass is not only half full, but that it can be refilled. This will help you focus on creative solutions that generate leads. Ask yourself: What can I do to increase convenience for my customers, and reduce fear? How can I align my marketing messages to let customers know what adjustments I’m making?


Next, make the proper changes to your business model, outlining any new procedures you’ll be following to increase customer confidence, and update your team. Remember, you need to be the model for new procedures.

Let the World Know

After you decide how your business can continue to add value and be a resource, develop a consistent message to share with clients. And finally, reach out to customers through email or social media. Ask what you can do to help them during the lockdown.

This is also an ideal time to focus on website updates, as well as your marketing strategy. For more information on how both can help your small business generate leads, please contact our office at (925) 336-0000.