If you want to broaden the reach of your brand and convert leads into sales, you need a strong SEO strategy. This is because search engine optimization can help you improve your website search engine rankings. These days, there are several options that can help you reach a higher ranking on Google. But not all practices will work for your business. No idea where to start? Here are 6 SEO best practices that can produce tangible results.

Use the Main Keyword at the Beginning of Your Content

Yes, keyword research is part of any SEO strategy. But after coming up with your focus and related keywords, proper placement should come next on your list. Search engines (like Google) pay more attention to the terms that are located at the top of a webpage. So, it’s best to place your main keyword near the top at least once.

Keep Your Titles, Descriptions, and Content Unique

Your SEO best practices don’t always have to look technical. They can be creative, too. Keeping your content fresh and unique can also boost your site. Google itself advises that you should avoid using near-duplicate text on your site. This applies to every part of your content, such as category pages, title tags, landing pages, meta descriptions, tags, and more. Additionally, if you want to publish something, make sure it is 100% your own.

Learn to Optimize Title Tags

A title tag refers to a key, which indicates how search engines read your title. Moreover, this helps people to know more about your content before they click on your site. Optimize your tags by putting your main keyword at the beginning.

Optimize Your Loading Speed

Although Google doesn’t always elaborate on its algorithm ranking factors, site loading speed is an important ranking factor. Users are definitely more likely to visit you site if it loads quickly, without any issues. The first step is to check the current loading speed of your site before you make any changes.

Track Your Own Results via Google Search Console

Without the Google Search Console, you can hardly navigate through the SEO waters. GSC serves as a live dashboard that’s printed with a search engine results page. It helps you to track how your site is doing. It also has a lot of fantastic tools and features that can be helpful for your online strategy.

Optimize Your Images

Google has recently stated that well-optimized images can help you rank higher on Google. So if you’re using images, make sure they are also SEO optimized. Fortunately, this is very easy to do. First, use descriptive file names for your images because Google is not able to see images, then, use alt text for your images.

SEO Best Practices

These are only some of the SEO best practices that any business can include in their strategy. If you’ve just begun to understand how search engine optimization works, it can seem overwhelming. When in doubt, contact the SEO experts at D-Kode Technology. We can help you start building your online presence today. Give us a call at (925) 855-3282 for more info, or click here to leave a message.