Being a business owner requires you to wear many different hats, often because there’s simply no one else to make sure things get done right. Marketing is usually somewhere near the top of that list. After all, if you aren’t attracting new customers, your doors won’t stay open for long. But times are changing. Instead of placing an ad on the radio, you’re probably spending time on your brand’s Facebook page or website. Search engine optimization is an important piece of this modern marketing puzzle that most business owners don’t understand, but we’re here to help.

The following is a quick review of SEO and how it can give your business an edge.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

This is a simple question with a complex answer, but we’ll keep it short and sweet because we know you have a lot to get done today. In basic terms, search engine optimization helps Google (and other search engines) decide which websites go to the top of the list when you search for something online. What this ultimately means for business owners is that they can optimize content on their site in a way that is tailored to attract their ideal customer.

Why a Business Needs SEO

Ranking High on Google (For the Right Crowd)

As a business owner, you don’t just want to draw more people to your website. You ultimately want to attract people who are interested in your products or services. This is an important distinction when it comes to growing your business. Sure your website might have tons of traffic, but are the right people seeing your website? Search engine optimization can help refine your visibility to potential customers who need the products or services you have to offer, which also means ranking high on Google.

While You Were Sleeping

Another top benefit of SEO is that it works while you’re sleeping. Remember, the Internet never closes for business. It’s chugging away 24/7 – all year long. When done correctly, this means around-the-clock promotion for your company.

You Don’t Need to Pay for Ads

Unless you decide to hire an expert (more on that later), search engine optimization is free to anyone who understands how to use it. As long as you can prove to search engines that your site’s content (blogs, photos, videos, etc.) are relevant and of value, ranking high on Google is within reach, and the best part is that organic web traffic is free.

Let’s Talk Search Engine Optimization

One final benefit of SEO is that it can be tracked, meaning a specialist can analyze the data and explain it to you. If you’re a business owner, this is the year to revamp your SEO strategy and take full advantage of the latest trends in digital marketing.

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