Mobile capability is vital for every business with a digital presence. However, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between mobile websites and mobile apps. In the last blog we took a closer look at the specific differences between these two types of mobile developments. Understanding these, the next question is ‘what does my business need?’ Is a mobile website with responsive design the best choice for you? Or should you choose a native app for your customer’s needs? Perhaps you need both. This guide focuses on helping you find the right solution for your business type.

Is Responsive Design Enough?

A professionally designed website that incorporates responsive design for mobile web is usually enough for most business’s mobile needs. If you want a mobile website that basically follows the same blueprint and layout as your regular website, just fitted for mobile screen, then responsive design is best for you. With modern front end and back end development technology, mobile websites can do everything that most businesses need. Of course, it is essential to choose a professional mobile web developer to get the best mobile website results. While responsive design ensures that your website is always available on a number of different screen sizes, this doesn’t necessarily offer the most optimized design. Professional mobile web development can optimize your customers journey through your mobile website, helping your mobile website perform better for you.

When You Need More

Choosing the right mobile platform for your business really depends on your business structure and your mobile requirements. It can be difficult to evaluate these for yourself, so talking with a professional website developer can clarify your website goals and vision. Native mobile apps are really essential when your business requires the device’s in-built features such as the camera, alerts, and accelerometer, to optimally function. For example, if you want your clients to enjoy an interactive game related to your business, they will need to install an app.

Native mobile apps can really give your customers a unique experience of your company’s mobile functionality. Native mobile apps can be more engaging for your customers and provide you a better channel of connection to them.

Making The Right Choice

In some cases, both a native mobile app and a mobile website may be required for your business. However, it’s important to carefully consider which is the right choice for you. While there are many advantages to both native mobile apps and mobile websites each of them is not necessarily going to be right for every business. It really depends on your businesses needs and what you require out of your mobile functionality.

If most of your business comes to the web, there’s no need to develop the mobile app. Mobile apps require effort from the user to be installed on their device, which can create an obstacle. There needs to be an impetus or need to do this, or your native app development may not be worthwhile. This highlights the need for analysis and planning in mobile development.

Carefully analyzing your businesses needs with a digital development consultant can really help you target your customers where they are, so you get the precise mobile solution for your business needs.