Social Media is inevitable.

As your company grows, there comes a time that you need to get a website. Once you’ve got a website, there comes a time that you need a social media presence. The only way around it is going out of business.


So What Do You Do On Social Media, as a Company?

Before you start publishing on social media, be sure you know who your company is, not just in name, but the culture, the goals, the personality of it. You’ll also need to know who your customer is. These will greatly influence how you use social media. They should also influence how you set up your profile on the social media platforms. Put your company’s juju into it!

Now that you have great profiles that really show who the company is, and you know the demographics and ideal customers you want to talk to, you need to plan your content.


Use Hashtags

When you post, you probably want the post to help you reach more people. Hashtags are great for that! #ItsEasy #PutaPoundSignInFrontofit #ThatMakesItaHashtag

When you use a hashtag, that makes your posting searchable and indexable so that users that just want to see posts about their favorite holiday cartoon movie can just search for #CharlieBrownChristmas and find all the relevant posts. Hashtags come and go in use, so you’ll find the #TBT is really popular on Thursdays, and always has an old picture or news clipping in the post. That’s a Throwback Thursday post! Get to the know the popular hashtags among the people you want to reach and use hashtags appropriately for the platform you’re on.


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Have a Posting Schedule

It’s important that you become a consistent poster. You don’t want to post 30 times a day one day a week. Here’s a handy infographic that tells you optimum daily posting schedules by platform. To make your life easier, you may want to schedule posts in advance using a tool like hootsuite or buffer.


What to Share on Social Media

You want your social media postings to be interesting and engaging. The culture of the company or industry will play heavily into what you choose to post. What works for a bikini car wash is not going to work for a funeral home. Share what will engage the people who make up your potential customer pool! You shouldn’t talk about what you sell all the time, not everyone is ready to buy. First you want to create a relationship where they feel positive toward your brand, like you are helpful and knowledgeable. Then the potential for them to buy from you will grow.

While you’re crafting your posts, keep in mind that what you might say on casual, conversational Twitter and what you might post on professional Linkedin need to be tailored to those different audiences, just like your instagram feed needs to focus on engaging images. And using good spelling and grammar is almost always your best bet.

Engage well and focus on one platform first, hopefully the one that most of your customers are on, and get really good at that before you begin posting on another platform. If one social media site just doesn’t fit your brand, don’t use it. You don’t have to be everywhere, you just have to do a good job of being where you are. For some engaging ideas, there are some lists online to get you started.

If you need help with social media or creating shareable content on your site, contact D-Kode Tech today.