How much does a website cost? The final cost of a website design depends on a number of factors that can be easy to overlook. To begin with, web designers charge different rates for their services. The complexity and features you want for your website, as well as how much time is needed to design it, also contribute. For example, a simple site with limited functionality is less expensive than setting up a digital storefront, so if you have complex requirements, or you’re looking for something that’s truly unique, you may end up paying a little extra.

This blog post talks about some of the main factors that affect the overall price tag, and what business owners should consider before ever getting started.

1) The Type of Website Design You Need

The design requirements for each kind of website can vary greatly, and, of course, your industry helps determine this. Understanding what your website will be used for is the best way to figure out the type of design features you need, and how much time it will take. For example, including a built-in shopping cart requires some extra time and effort. Anything that takes more technical skill or time on the clock will cost more.

2) Paying the Content Writer

It’s important to take into consideration that having a professional write your website content will also affect the final cost. Digital marketing companies often offer web design packages that include content writing services. Typically, the writer will ask some questions to get a better understanding of your brand and what’s important to showcase on your site. They may also have experience with SEO, which can help your website rank higher on Google.

3) SEO

Speaking of search engine optimization, another thing to think about is that the total cost of a website can differ depending on how skilled the web designer is at SEO. This can also affect how quickly your business website ranks for various search terms. Some companies will research the keywords and phrases that can help you rank higher on Google, which would make it easier for people to find your website.

4) Digital Marketing Services

If you hire a digital marketing company to create your website, you can add on other services to your package as well, like keyword research, monthly blog writing, social media or event promotion, and more. These extra services can really make a world of difference to your online marketing goals.

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