Don’t expect anything in the tech world to stay the same for long, including mobile app development. More than twenty years have passed since the first mobile app was released and we’ve come a long way in those intervening years—just imagine what the future holds. If you’re a business owner who hopes to take advantage of the latest custom software trends, here are some patterns to watch for.

Mobile E-commerce

It’s important to first note that mobile commerce will only continue to grow over time, indicating that mobile app development is no longer merely for big-name brands like Amazon, but for small businesses as well. One of the main reasons these behemoth companies have been so successful is through custom software development. This led to a previously unseen level of convenience that consumers have quickly come to expect. After all, walking around with the Amazon shopping app on your phone is like carrying around a store everywhere you go.


We can expect 5G to initiate sweeping changes in mobile app development in the coming years. While it’s still in the process of being rolled out in most parts of the country, 5G is exciting because it’s faster speeds will pave the way for augmented and virtual reality, among other things. It will take some time, but 5G is likely to lead to more personalized and interactive experiences for consumers when it comes to marketing via custom apps. Mobile apps will be able to support more features and still perform more efficiently than 4G networks.


AI, or artificial intelligence, has only just begun to find a place in mobile app development. Such advanced technologies take time, but in the coming years we can expect to go beyond Siri, expanding into new territory in creative ways. Implementing artificial intelligence into mobile app design will create a learning framework that makes apps smarter than they are today. Current examples of AI features in app development include things like speech and image recognition, facial detection, and document classification.


While we’re on the topic of artificial intelligence, let’s not overlook the popularity of chatbots in modern customer service. They first arrived on the scene in the 90s, but have continued to evolve to meet consumer expectations for immediate service. In the near future, further advancements in artificial intelligence will lead to exciting new possibilities for more human-like interactions between customers and chatbots.

Questions About Mobile App Development?

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