Did you know Facebook has billions of users? If you’re a business owner, advertising on this platform is a must for your brand. But, with lots of competition, it’s important to master the keys to a successful Facebook ad. With that in mind, let’s review some essentials to creating a powerful marketing campaign on Facebook.


Facebook allows you to reach a specific audience. This is accomplished in different ways. Reaching your target audience is important to finding new customers. Here are some popular ways you can target your company’s Facebook ads.

  • Based on device usage and frequently visited websites
  • Users in a particular geographic location or who may travel there soon
  • Pages and activities users like, such as music, travel, fitness, and so on
  • Friends of people who like your page or app

Engaging Content for Your Facebook Ad

Before thinking about the specifics of your ad content, decide what type of medium will be more effective for the campaign. Although images are popular, they might not be the most effective option for a Facebook ad.

Currently, Facebook is giving priority to video content as it strives to become the number one video platform site. As a result, a company can reach a wider audience through video marketing due to Facebook’s interest in the success of this type of content.

Videos Get More Shares

According to recent data, Facebook ads that feature video content also receive more shares, and extra shares mean a wider audience for your brand. This free advertising can help your business with brand awareness, and consumers trust brands they’re more familiar with.

Compelling Copywriting

Although videos and images are important, compelling copywriting helps to persuade users to click through your website. Good ad copywriting needs a clear call to action. What do you want your target audience to do after they see your Facebook ad? What’s the next step?  Ideally, you want users to feel a connection to your brand.

Your Company’s Facebook Ad

No matter your industry, D-Kode Technology can help you enhance your company’s online presence through Facebook ads and other digital platforms. Learn how to reach the right customers for your brand and measure the results of your marketing campaign dollars at (925) 855-3282.