No matter what business you’re in, email list management is an essential component. Whether your company is brick and mortar or mostly online, one of the greatest challenges for every business owner is to find new and reliable ways to reach customers. One measure of a successful business is that it can not only acquire new customers, but also retain them. Email management is an especially important piece of the puzzle. Inconsistent or ineffectual emails can push customers away, causing them to unsubscribe from email updates and be lost for good. So, is there a way to ensure positive and consistent contact with your customers? Can it be done without having to give up time that’s essential to your business operations? The answer is yes and the solution is simple – email automation.

The Importance of Email

In this age of social media and constant connectivity, email is king. You may be surprised to learn that email is still one of the most effective ways to market your product or service. Actually, studies show that you’re six times more likely to get higher click-through rates via emails than tweets. Also, email can be forty times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

Considering that email automation is such an important tool, consider the ramifications if it’s used ineffectively. If you want to successfully grow your business, you may need to revise your strategy. With email automation, you can turn email marketing into a breeze.

What is User Error?

User error is always a concern in business, especially when it comes to technology. What is user error? Simply put, it’s human negligence. For instance, sending an email you didn’t mean to send, emailing the wrong client, or writing something without thinking it through. But with email automation, these concerns disappear.

Getting Started with Email Automation

Email automation allows you to send scheduled or action-triggered emails to subscribers. This means that once your email automation is set up, you’re good to go until you want to plan a new marketing campaign. You can schedule emails to be sent out as infrequently or as often as you’d like. You can also set up your email automation to activate based on subscriber actions. This means less time spent thinking about emails, and more time focusing on other parts of your business.

Email automation can do so many things, like send welcome notes to prospective clients, or even birthday greetings. Get started today by contacting D-Kode Technology at (925) 336-0000, or schedule a complimentary marking session at