The coronavirus has impacted most industries, and software development has not been immune to current events. Global lockdowns have been particularly shocking considering the degree of technological advancements in this century. The following is an exploration of how COVID-19 has impacted software development in both positive and negative ways.

Cancellation of Tech Gatherings

Sharing ideas is a crucial component in the software development industry, but the pandemic has forced the widespread cancellation of networking events and conferences.

Software development is at the heart of most technology, and event attendance is an important way to further business collaborations that lead to tech advances. As a result, tech companies have been negatively impacted.

Slower Execution of Projects

Many firms are highly dependent on staff mobilization in order to move between locations where software development occurs, but travel is currently limited. These one-to-one interactions often contribute to a product’s success. So, the absence of this freedom can cause delays to software projects.

Budget Cuts

Many firms have faced financial turmoil due to COVID-19. This has resulted in situations where businesses are forced to cut their budgets. In essence, some companies would rather scrap projects to ensure the overall stability and security of their remote employees.

Codependent Industry Slowdowns

The software industry hinges on the hardware industry. Many firms rely on Chinese manufacturers, so this slowdown in production has impacted the tech industry. Essentially, there’s been a shortage of materials, plus delays in shipping.

Streaming and Gaming Developers

With people sheltering in their homes, the demand for video streaming and entertainment has dramatically increased. Further, the gaming industry has experienced a considerable increase in demand. This is good news for game developers! Software development in such sectors could experience a real boom.

Need for Remote Working Platforms

Recent trends have focused on encouraging professionals to work remotely. Technology was well on its way to decentralizing labor, even before the COVID-19 outbreak, meaning the pandemic has only accelerated the pace. Consequently, there will be a positive impact on the software development industry because of the demand to create platforms to facilitate such changes.

Software Development Outlook

The software development industry faces both negative and positive effects. But, due to the continued need for social distancing, technology may be the best strategy to fill the gap. The pandemic just might have an overall positive impact on the industry.