Are you looking for a simple way to give your social media marketing a boost without depleting your budget? Live streaming is one of the latest trends that brands and small business owners are embracing, and here are some reasons why you should give it a try.

What is Live Streaming?

Social media platforms can help you build a relationship with your customers, and you can think of live streaming as one of the many tools you can use to connect with your followers.

Some social media platforms now allow users to stream video in real time, and even interact with their followers. This can be done right on your smartphone, so no special equipment is needed. But why would you want to take advantage of this feature if you’re a business owner?

Using Live Stream to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Personalize Your Brand

One of the top reasons to go live is to put a face to the people behind your business. It’s easy to forget that there are real people behind all of our favorite brands and products. This can be especially impactful if your business offers a service.

For example, a contractor might host a live video session and answer questions about planning a successful remodeling project. These insider tips are useful, and it’s also more likely that a homeowner will choose the contractor for their next project.

Create an Opportunity for Engagement

Social media marketing is all about engagement: likes, shares, and comments, etc. When you live stream, you’re giving followers a chance to engage with you in real time. This is a unique experience that allows potential customers to ask questions about your products or services. These kinds of interactions can help build trust and set you apart from competitors. At the end of the day, trust equals influence.

It’s also relevant to note that live video tends to receive a lot more attention than a photo or even pre-recorded video.

There’s No Editing Involved

There’s no editing when it comes to live streaming platforms. This might seem intimidating to some business owners, but it also means there are no extra costs or time spent on trying to get everything to seem perfect. Instead, the focus is on showing up and being authentic.

Where Can You Get Started?

If you’re interested in trying live streaming to increase your brand’s awareness and generate new leads, you have a couple platforms to choose from. Facebook Live and Instagram are the most popular options for business owners at this time.

Some companies choose to go live once a week so their followers know when to join. For example, Tuesdays at 3 o’clock. This kind of consistency can help build up your following over time.

Expert Social Media Marketing

There are many different ways you can use social media marketing to showcase the best of your brand. If you need help coming up with some creative ideas, or you’re confused about the technical aspects, D-Kode Tech is here for you. At D-Kode Technology, we can help you connect with the right customers through a variety of professional digital marketing tools. Let’s talk. Give us a call at 925.332.1315 to schedule your free marketing consultation.