Web hosting essentially provides a place for your website to live. It’s like a little plot of Internet real estate. You can’t have a website without a host. But there are many factors that go into selecting the best web hosting option. This guide is a look at some points to consider while you’re shopping around.

What are Your Web Hosting Needs?

If your site features lots of multimedia content (like videos), you can anticipate using more monthly bandwidth than, let’s say, a lifestyle blogger. While it may not be necessary in the beginning, bandwidth calculators are available online to provide you with a general baseline estimate.

You always want to use a secure server, but if products or services will be sold through your website, this is especially important in order to safeguard financial transactions. Moreover, take note of special e-commerce features and support.

Signup Costs

Many companies include a free domain along with your first year of web hosting, as well as cheap signup deals, so check renewal rates to avoid a surprise bill at the end of the introductory date. Is there a refund policy or trial period? Also, it’s a good idea to account for the cost of future upgrades as your business grows.

Room to Grow

Remember, while shopping for the best web hosting option, it should not only be affordable, but scaleable, too. As your operation expands, your needs are likely to change. Perhaps your company will become more diversified, requiring additional websites and domain names. Does the provider allow multiple websites on a single web hosting account? Reviewing your upgrade options in advance can prevent future inconveniences.

Web Hosting Customer Service

We suggest selecting a web hosting option that provides around-the-clock support for technical issues. As opposed to email tickets, look for hosts that offer chat support, and prioritize those with an in-house customer service department.

Availability of Site Backups

When shopping for the best option, we also highly recommend a provider that offers regular site backups. Cyber threats can result in unexpected and irreparable damage. Of course, there are other less nefarious reasons to back up your site, such as to guard against error, or handle compatibility issues following a new installation.

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