Are you looking to increase traffic to your website? Search Engine Optimization is your ticket to more clicks, but it can be complicated to learn. The good news is that free SEO tools can help you grow your website traffic without spending a dime. This blog post will discuss some of the best free SEO tools available online!

What are SEO Tools?

SEO tools are software programs that help you optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). With the right tools, you can improve your website’s on-page SEO, track your rankings, and more.

Why Use SEO Tools?

There are many reasons why you should use free SEO tools. SEO tools can help you save time, optimize your website for better search engine visibility, and track your progress over time.

Why is SEO so important, anyway?

SEO is essential because it determines your website’s visibility on search engine results pages. The higher you rank, the more likely people will click on your website. And if you want more website visitors, you need to be ranking as high as possible!

We’ve compiled a list of the free SEO tools we found most helpful in our website optimization efforts. While some of these are paid tools with free trials or free versions, they are all free to use if you don’t mind a few limitations.

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a free online SEO tool that allows you to explore what people are searching around the world. With trillions of yearly searches, this tool is one of the world’s most extensive real-time datasets. Examining what people search for offers a unique look at what they are currently interested in and curious about.

You can use the tool to examine search interest in a topic or term over time, various regions where people search for it, and what people search for in conjunction with it. Understanding how a search term’s popularity has changed over time can help determine the general public’s interest in a subject.

You can also use Google Trends to research brands and compare them to see who is doing better organically.

2. Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero is a free online SEO tool that allows you to track keyword rankings and SERP features in Google over time. The tool also analyzes your website’s log files to give insights into how Googlebot crawls your site and what keywords it thinks are important.

The tool provides a valuable service for free, but there are some limitations. The free version only allows you to track up to 100 keywords, and the data is only updated once per week.

Keyword Hero is an excellent tool for understanding how Google sees your site and what keywords it thinks are important.

3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Screaming Frog is a free online SEO tool that allows you to crawl websites and analyze their onsite SEO. The tool will crawl through your entire website, looking for common SEO issues such as broken links, duplicate content, or errors in the sitemap.

The free version of the tool allows you to crawl up to 500 URLs at a time! Website owners can use this relatively beginner-friendly tool to find common SEO issues.

4. Link Redirect Trace Chrome Plugin

The Link Redirect Trace online SEO tool allows you to check if your website’s links are redirecting correctly. The tool is a Chrome plugin, so you must have the Google Chrome browser installed on your computer to use it.

The Link Redirect Trace plugin is a valuable tool for website owners because it can help you find and fix broken links on your website. This can improve your website’s ranking on Google and provide a better experience for your users.


BROWSEO is a free online SEO tool that allows you to see how a website looks to search engines. The tool renders a website in text-only mode, so you can see how Google sees your site. This format is conducive to finding errors on your website that could negatively impact your ranking on Google.

6. Google PageSpeed Insights

Did you know that over 50% of web users will click away from a page if it doesn’t load in three seconds? You only have a narrow window of time to make an impression on your website visitors, and every millisecond counts.

The free Google page speed insights tool allows you to analyze your website’s speed on mobile and desktop platforms. If your site loads too slowly, you will lose traffic – this tool tells you exactly where your site is taking too long to load and gives recommendations to fix it.

7. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an excellent tool for monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting your site’s presence in Google Search results.

Google Search Console offers tools and reports for:

  • Confirming that Google can locate and crawl your site.
  • Fixing indexing issues and request re-indexing of new or updated content.
  • Viewing your site’s search traffic data, such as how frequently your website appears in Google Search, which search queries show your site, and how often searchers click through for those queries.
  • Sending alerts when Google finds indexing, spam, or other issues on your site.
  • Showing you which sites link to your website.
  • Troubleshooting problems for AMP, mobile usability, and other Search features.

The free Google Search Console tool is essential for any website owner who wants to improve their site’s ranking in Google.

8. Moz Free Competitive Research

Moz is a company that offers a suite of free and paid SEO tools. The free MozBar toolbar allows you to see how your website stacks up against your competitors in Google search results: the tool tells you who your top SERP competitors are, the top pieces of content your competitors use to rank for keywords, and your competitors’ top keywords.

The free Mozbar toolbar is valuable for website owners who want to track their site’s progress over time and see how they compare to others in their industry.

These are just a few free SEO tools that can help you grow your website’s traffic. These tools will help you to research keywords, optimize your website for Google, and troubleshoot common issues that can impact your ranking. These free SEO tools are a great place to start if you’re serious about growing your website’s traffic.

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