Creating great content is not only about ensuring it conveys the right information. It is also important that visitors to your site or your followers on social media are interested in reading your content. Online content needs to be up-to-date, engaging, creative, and dynamic to draw in your audience and keep them reading about your products or services. So what makes online content reader worthy? Here we look at six essential tips that help ensure your clients love your content and want to read more.

Be An Expert

If you’re planning to write a piece of content or a blog on a certain topic, it’s essential that you provide clear, accurate, and properly researched information. Well written content is a way to prove to your customers that you know what you’re talking about and you can address their individual problem or concern.  This helps to establish trust in your customer and keep them interested in what you have to say.

Cover All Your Bases

Your customers aren’t all in one place online, so why should your content be? It’s important to share your content across various sites, including your website, your blog and your social media accounts. If you can get other websites, blogs and individuals to share your content, this is even better. The further your content gets shared and spread the more people will read it.

Use A Personable Tone

You wouldn’t like to be lectured to by a robot, and your customers don’t want to be either! Customers dislike being ‘sold to’ or coerced in anyway either. Be sure to present the full range of information available without being biased. Use a personal tone, incorporating anecdotes, stories and humor to keep your customers engaged.

Don’t Write Just For Keywords

It’s important to ensure your content contains keywords and is optimized for search engines. This helps customers to find your content more easily online so that they can read it in the first place. However nonsensical content that is simply crammed with keywords will quickly lose your readers. Search engines have also been designed to punish pages that have too many keywords in them as it is recognized that these pages don’t provide real value for readers. Keep keywords in mind, but make presenting clear, accurate and interesting information your top priority.

Write Original Content

Copying content for elsewhere on the web might make your content production quicker and easier, but it will be greatly detrimental in the long term. Search engines downgrade pages that have duplicate content causing them not to be shown in a user’s search. You might also be infringing copyright law by using content that’s not yours without permission. For an interesting read and to stay on the right side of the law, always create original content.

The Spice Of Content Creation…

It’s not enough to just have the right words written on a webpage. You need to make the effort to draw your customers in with an informative and appealing title. Adding relevant photos or videos to your written content can help to illustrate your point and keep your customers reading. Varying the type of content you produce helps to engage all the senses and keep your reader interested for longer.

These six tips will help you to create better content that keeps your readers engaged while conveying accurate and relevant information about your business products or services.