Mobile apps are changing faster than we can keep up. It seems like every day there’s a new app that is taking the world by storm, and with the influx of so many new and exciting features, standing out as original is becoming more and more difficult for brands. In this article, we’ll lay out our Bay Area mobile app designers’ predictions for the hottest app trends of 2022 so your business can stay ahead of the game!

Quick Stats Demonstrating The Importance of Quality Mobile Apps

  • 89% of media time spent on a mobile device is through mobile applications
  • The average mobile user opens an app 14 times per day, and uses it for about 23 minutes each time
  • 20% of customers abandon an app after only one use. That means 80% will give up on your product if you don’t hold their attention! 

With these statistics in mind, let’s look at the predicted hottest app trends of 2022 that Bay Area mobile app designers are just dying to implement! 

Integrated Virtual & Augmented Reality

We predict a new trend for mobile apps will be more interactive and engaging user interfaces that utilize virtual and augmented reality. In 2021, we saw the first steps towards this with augmented reality (AR) features in some of our favorite apps like Snapchat, which allows users to play around with their filters on their own face before posting it onto social media. 

 As augmented reality technology gets more advanced, we will see the capabilities of mobile apps improve dramatically. To keep up with this customer-favorite trend, brainstorm ways that your brand interacts with your audience’s lives in a real-world capacity. For example, you could build a retail mobile app that allows users to place virtual furniture in their home before they buy it – or, allow customers shopping at brick-and-mortar locations use augmented reality to circle items on a catalog that they want to purchase. The sky’s the limit! 

Artificial Intelligence Integration Throughout The Mobile App

The growth in artificial intelligence has opened up tons of opportunities for user interaction within  applications. You can expect to see more integrated AI features where users can complete tasks through voice recognition or other forms of natural language processing. One example is creating smart push notifications that are based on context-savvy keywords within user conversations, without having to build an entire chatbot for your  app. Since many of these AI features are still in the works, it’s important that designers keep up with any upcoming updates so they can be integrated within app development accordingly.

Designing For A Diverse User Base

As mobile apps expand to every industry, the types of users within each app will continue to diversify. To accommodate your diverse audience, integrate accessibility features that allow for text-to-speech, voice recognition, or hands-free navigation for users with disabilities. Designing for accessibility will also improve your app’s user experience in general.

Mobile app trends are constantly changing as the technology advances and user preferences shift – but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay ahead of it all! By designing your app with these future-proof technologies in mind now, you’ll be able to set your brand up for success well into 2022.

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