Mobile app development, app design, app building, Mobile applications and mobile sites are rapidly becoming the most popular way for people to access their favorite websites and online services. 51% of time spent on the internet is via a mobile device, compared to 42% via desktop device, while 89% of the media time spent on a mobile device is using mobile applications. These statistics show that anyone serious about targeting customers using mobile devices should be developing a custom made mobile application for their business.

In our approach to mobile development at D-Kode, we focus on your priorities and the market that you want to reach. By utilizing responsive web design, we can create a website that integrates a mobile site as well, so your customers can reach you no matter what device they are using.

If you’re looking for a more efficient and easily accessible mobile option, we can develop a mobile app for your business that’s specifically designed to deliver your content or services in a more streamlined and purpose driven manner. Whether it’s a game, an ecommerce solution or a custom application, we can create the ideal app for any of the most popular user devices, including Apple iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry and Palm.

At D-Kode, we work on fully understanding your business, your product and your services in order to deliver the most effective and appealing mobile application design for you. With the right mobile app design, you can better target new customers and engage your existing customers with special offers, alerts and reminders, and a personalized, easy to access gateway to your business that is literally in your customer’s pocket.

If you’re looking for mobile app development in the East Bay, D-Kode is your local resource servicing the wider Bay Area including Livermore, Blackhawk, Castro Valley, San Leandro, San Ramon, Oakland and San Francisco. Give D-Kode a call today to discuss the right mobile solution for your business.

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